Custom Welding and Fabrication Services for Missouri

Edgewood Welding & Fabrication Delivers Custom Grapple Bodies to MO

Edgewood Welding & Fabrication provides custom-built grapple bodies and storm trailers for Springfield, MO, and the surrounding areas. Grapple bodies are used for debris removal and heavy hauling, and are frequently used for cleaning up after natural disasters. Instead of wondering how to haul immense debris after a tornado or over natural disaster in Missouri, call Edgewood Welding & Fabrication at (814) 445-7746, or toll-free at (888) 475-2177 and order a custom grapple body. Our experienced welders create durable, high-quality grapple bodies and storm trailers to withstand the most extreme circumstances. Located in Somerset, PA, Edgewood Welding & Fabrication delivers to the entire state of Missouri.

Custom Grapple Bodies for the Following Missouri Areas

Springfield, MO
Kansas City, MO
St. Louis, MO
Columbia, MO

Independence, MO
Lee’s Summit, MO
O’Fallon, MO
St. Joseph, MO

Custom Truck Beds, Truck Dump Beds, and More for Kansas City

Edgewood Welding & Fabrication specializes in custom truck beds, and offers a variety of custom built accessories to meet your needs. Our high-quality, durable beds, truck dump beds, headache racks, and other heavy equipment accessories are second to none. Edgewood Welding & Fabrication welders have a combined 175 years of experience in welding and fabrication, and they work tirelessly to create and deliver the best quality pieces to you. Whether you own a waste hauling business in Kansas City, MO, or specialize in helping neighborhoods hit by storms in the St. Louis area, you can trust the experts at Edgewood Welding & Fabrication to get you the equipment you need.

Why You Should Choose Edgewood Welding & Fabrication

Edgewood Welding & Fabrication creates totally-custom pieces to meet your requirements. Instead of having to buy something from a manufacturer that may not work the way you need it, you can trust our welders to hit all of the specifics for your project. There is no job too small of us, and we deliver across the United States. Contact Edgewood Welding & Fabrication today for a free, no commitment estimate on custom grapple bodies and storm trailers, truck beds, and other equipment. View our gallery to see past projects, and to completely lock-in your decision to use Edgewood Welding & Fabrication for your next project. We accept clients from Springfield, MO; Kansas City, MO; St. Louis, MO; and the entire state of Missouri.